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The Chameleon Communicator™

In this highly interactive seminar, participants learn about their own unique style, learn how to recognize and appreciate differences in others, and finally, how to adapt to improve communication. This seminar lays the foundation for more effective organizational performance and a more cohesive work environment.

The Chameleon CEO Leadership Seminar

Leaders come in all sizes, shapes, and “colours”. Find out your leadership style and how to maximize your uniqueness, manage your “dark side”, and recognize the greatness in those you lead.

Selling with Style

“Selling with Style” gives the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style. It analyzes and details what type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts.
Participants will gain insights on how to adapt a specific sales style to give customers what they want.

“Selling with Style” will help the sales professional create an image that is positive under any conditions and assist salespersons in overcoming a sales slump in order to quickly turn their slump into success.

The Chameleon Recruiter

In this six hour program, sales leaders will learn how to:

  • Spot winners and establish a reliable method of choosing salespeople
  • Evaluate the performance of both new and existing salespeople
  • Get the most out of the sales team
  • Coach the sales team for maximum results
  • Pick the salesperson that best fits the present needs of the company
  • Bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track
  • Reduce employee turnover and new training costs
  • Boost company sales – the ultimate objective of any business

Getting What You Want, Wanting What You Get

It is easy to “set” goals, but how can you move towards “getting” your goals? This is a focused session designed to re-discover lost goals and dreams and put into motion the thoughts, action, and passion you need to be all you can be.

Give a Little, Gain a Lot

In growing organizations, conflicts are inevitable with both clients and co-workers. Participants will learn how use and recognize effective negotiating and conflict resolution techniques.

Your Attitude is Showing!

What is more important the right attitude or the right skills? Employers are learning that if you hire for skill, you often fire for attitude. This seminar will help participants recognize the passion in their lives and illustrate how different conflicts can arise when passions differ.

Custom Programs can be designed to fit your organization’s needs.