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With over 20 years of experience helping people achieve their personal and professional goals, Myrna Park is the Chameleon Communicator. Having embraced the value that understanding and applying behavioural psychology brings to individuals and organizations, Myrna’s mission is to create positive and productive workplaces.

Myrna’s ten year commitment to beginning, growing and developing a real estate company gave her outstanding experience in leading a sales-driven organization. Myrna has mentored many business owners from very small start-up businesses to CEOs of manufacturing facilities and multi-location businesses in the service sector.

Academically, Myrna is a University of Alberta graduate. She graduated with distinction with a degree in Home Economics, majoring in Family Studies. Myrna’s commitment to continuous learning is evidenced in recent certifications in the understanding of behaviour, values, and attributes. She is also certified in the state-of-the art Tri-Metrix system that benchmarks the job and compares the job to the candidates.

Developing and leading others are Myrna’s primary strengths. She is an empathetic, yet pragmatic, results-oriented problem solver who thrives in a team environment. She is inspirational in any environment with her energy, laughter and insightfulness.

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Layton shares Myrna’s passion for developing and leading others. In his “previous life”, he was a successful entrepreneur involved in commercial/industrial construction and land development. Layton has over twenty five years as the founder and owner of several businesses that have employed hundreds of employees and budgets in the tens of millions of dollars. Since selling his business almost ten years ago, he has followed his personal passion of seeking to understand the “how” and “why” of human behaviour.

Like Myrna, Layton is both a Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst and a Certified Professional Values Analyst. In addition, he is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, using this training and experience to help people use the power of the mind to create positive expectancy in every area of life. His special talent with his clients is his ability to create new perspective.

Layton speaks on several topics including Hypnotic Sales and How Your Behaviour and Beliefs Determine Your Success. His recently published book and CD, Decide What You Want and Get Out of Your Way is getting rave reviews from people wanting to make significant changes in their lives.

Layton has consulted with business people around the world including Almaty, Kazakhstan, Canada and Mexico. Contact Layton at to how he can help you see opportunity in the challenges faced by businesses and individuals everywhere!