The Chameleon Communicator
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"I have found the profiles to be interesting and accurate when looking at yourself and in using them for employees.On an employee basis they have helped me in confirming why an employee is acting in a certain way and what actions I may need to take to improve that employee's actions."

- Elton Ash
Vice President, Regional Director
RE/MAX of Western Canada

Advanced study into human behaviour led Myrna Park, owner of Inc., and one of Canada's leading experts in DISC behavioural psychology, personal motivators and attributes, to develop the very popular Chameleon Communicatorô program. This program is in use by numerous companies in Alberta and BC.

The Chameleon Communicator is the foundation of all the other programs offered by; it provides a clear and simple method for people to understand and remember the differences in behavioural style and use this understanding in their everyday communication.  The end users vary from small counselling services who use it to assist clients in personal matters to large manufacturing organizations and sales companies who use it to build more effective teams. Inc. has been using the Chameleon Communicator™ program for several years now, and has developed a prestigious list of clients including Behlen Industries, Bank of Montreal, RE/MAX of Western Canada, Capri Insurance, Prospera Credit Union and Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan .

The Chameleon Communicator™ program incorporates behavioural assessment tools with ½ day to 3 day seminars encompassing Sales Training, Customer Service Excellence, Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Executive Coaching. It is also a powerful tool used in the recruitment of new employees, to reduce turnover and hiring costs.

We encourage you to explore the Chameleon Communicator™ site to see how the program will benefit you and your company.