The Chameleon Communicator

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"The Chameleon Communicator tools help to clarify what you instinctively learn as you interview people. It can prevent costly hiring mistakes and confirm (or solidify) informal and formal decision making criteria. Hiring the right people up front is worth thousands and the profiles are a great tool to protect your investment."

Assessment Tools

The tool uses colours to identify the four aspects of normal behaviour. We tend to remember when things are visual; hence, the name The Chameleon Communicator.

There is no right or wrong behaviour and no one is one colour only. This program measures how each of us responds to all four areas and to what degree, in both our natural (homes) environment and our work environment!

Dominance: How you handle problems and challenges

Influencing: How you interact with other people

Steadiness: How you handle a steady pace and work environment

Compliance: How you respond to rules and procedures

Tendency to be very active and aggressive in gaining results. Will go directly at the problem with little or no fear.
Tendency to have high contactability, social, outgoing, very verbally persuasive.
Tendency to prefer a more structured, predictable environment, having boundaries of the "pond" clearly defined. Prefers a secure situation.
Tendency to follow rules set by others and is very aware of the effects of not complying with rules and procedures.
Tendency to go at the problem with calculated, organized, well thought-out approach to gaining results.
Tendency to be more sincere, reserved. Enters situations and relationships with more of a cautious approach. Fact and information oriented.
Tendency to prefer an unstructured, undefined environment with a great deal of freedom to operate.
Tendency to do it "my way," establishing their own rules.

Is the report 100% true? After working with hundreds of people the experience our company is best summed up with the one word that most of the participants use after reading their report, Wow!

The few times a people have felt the report was not accurate only to find that those people they work with told them it was right on. This is the best tool we have seen for opening up dialogue between the people who normally control the conversation and those who do not.

How does the knowledge of behaviour help an organization?


We begin with a full day Chameleon Communicator program so everyone in the organization:

  • Understands their own behavioural style
  • Appreciates that others have different behavioural style
  • Adapt for more effective communication and better relationships

This session closely examines the “how” of your life…how you walk, talk, prepare meals, prepare a strategic plan, how you shop.”

Effective communication is at the core of all good relationships. Communicating with others is a skill that is developed through practice and effort and must include all members of a team.


The Chameleon Communicator clearly identifies each person's strengths and what value they bring to the organization. We want to capitalize on the value each person brings to the team and to the organization.

Recognizing that each person's behavioural work style may or may not be compatible with other team members, we analyze strengths and weaknesses and how they can play out in the workplace. By understanding this, participants can quickly see where conflict can occur and also identify where communication, understanding and appreciation can be increased.

Customer Service

Since customers are different, the needs they have, and must be met, are different. As well as gaining insight into their own unique style, participants in the Chameleon Communicator workshop learn to identify types of customers and learn strategies to meet their needs.

Top Sales Producers

In some respects, a sales force is the same as any other group of employees. In other respects, it is quite different. This report takes the crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual's style of selling. The report provides details as to what type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts.

The information provided in the report can bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track. The insight gained in the workshop help the sales professional adapt to a specific sales style to give customers what they want.


This report is designed to help the leader attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success or failure in our work and personal life. By understanding one's own communication preferences, a leader can negotiate a communication system with individuals and teams that is more effective and efficient.

Understanding the psychology behind the Chameleon Communicator creates a common foundation of understanding and acceptance within an organization. It applies and is appropriate learning for the most junior and the most senior of staff. The Chameleon Communicator creates a common language of respect, understanding, and acceptance.