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Myrna on Talk with the Experts AM1150 - Feb 28th
Myrna on Talk with the Experts AM1150 - Feb 21st
Do You Know the Costs of Hiring Your Ghosts?
Hiring the wrong person for the wrong position costs businesses both time and money. Max-U.com Inc. can assist you with all of your hiring needs...
Don't Send in the Clowns
At the risk of being somewhat unpopular, I take exception to the recent trend among business gurus
who promote ways for companies to create ‘more fun at work.’
February 2004 Media Release
After two full days of intensive training in Scottsdale, Arizona, Myrna Park, Founder of Max-U.com Inc., becomes one of only a handful of consultants in British Columbia and in all of Canada that is certified to deliver the TriMetrix system developed by Target Training International.
Goal Getting Seminar
September is the second biggest goal-setting time in the year. The guests fade away, the days become shorter and cooler, the kids go back to school, and I actually feel like I could have my life back. So, what am I going to do about it? Like millions of others I could just let life take over and move me with its relentless flow. Two visions, however, prevent me from doing this.
Excel Vs. Compete
There is an expression that the person who wins the silver is the #1 loser. Think about that for a
moment. No one can always be best. The top dozen or more athletes in the world can beat each other on any given day, yet on the one day that counts, only one will be considered a winner and the others, even though they too are the best in the world, are considered losers.

Attitude is a Reflection of Leadership
Business surveys rate attitude as the number one trait for success among leaders. Attitude controls our
actions and our actions determine the results. It seems reasonable to think good leaders would strive to have good attitudes in their people but when that does not happen, who is responsible?

5 Ways to Have a Great Holiday
This holiday season remember that the best gift of all is laughter. Make those you love laugh and
remember it is contagious so let them hear your laughter first.